Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Where Gustav Stickley and The Roycrofters along with Ralph Waldo Emerson

                                               Have Set the Tone for the Spirit of the Work     

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New Home Office Built In Project is Done!!

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THE FINAL UPDATE IS NOW POSTED 7/2/13. The project is complete and I will add a new page to chronicle the construction details

. Read more here:

 New Kitchen Final Pictures 

NEW! Sound Wave Guide Table Radio for your Internet Radio Player or MP3 player

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          Face Frame Biscuit Joiner Jig!

    Cabinet Component Production Panel Cutter

    The Christmas Season has come and gone, but you can still make a few deer and use a seasonal ribbon to enjoy them year round. Click here for the free plan of the Reindeer shown on the project page!





Western Dovetail, Your Source for Custom Dovetail Drawers, And My First Choice!

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See an example in my Office Project Update


Welcome toWoodworkingHobby.com.Website of Hobbyist Woodworker Dennis Slabaugh. This is the place where you can learn to build and enjoy projects that you  can be proud to say “ I made that”.


“To help the average hobbyist woodworker to be able to build projects that anyone would be proud to display in their home or share with friends. All of this is possible without years of experience, trial and error or exotic new tools. We will help you move from novice to experienced with the best advice and easy to follow systems, ideas, jigs and shortcuts. “Simply Explained, Simply Accomplished” TM If you want to work wood, we want to help you accomplish your goal”.



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