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“Is it a residential garage, or is it a highly efficient complete workshop”?

For most of us “urban” hobby woodworkers, we don’t have the luxury of a separate out building dedicated to our craft. But rather, a basement or a garage. And here in Florida, a basement is about as common as a foot peddle powered scroll saw! So, what is a dedicated woodworker to do? Create and then put to use, a highly efficient workshop in a standard two-car garage without putting the family automobile in the doghouse.

The key to my efficient layout is the effective use of the periphery. Standard 24” deep kitchen base cabinets can be the foundation for valuable bench top space, miter saw stations, as well as tons of dust free portable tool and miscellaneous storage space. Placed along the back wall and sidewalls, these spaces are ideal and out of the way. Most standard size autos can still pull up to the back wall with a 24” cabinet against the wall.

Strategic placement of the table saw (Which is now a Shop Fox 10” Cabinet Saw)  and combination heavy-duty workbench and run-out table, allows ripping a full size sheet of plywood. Putting all other stationary tools on wheels provides the finishing touch on this complete shop. This enables a quick and flexible change from auto storage to full operation workshop. The workbench, and side bench are still easily accessible for small projects even with the car in the garage.

A window on one wall and a window in the service door on the opposite wall provides good air exchange, enhanced with a 20 inch box fan exhausting out the door window.

Finally the heavy wood rack on the upper back wall makes easy work of cutting stock to length on the sliding compound miter saw. Dust collection is accomplished with a large shop vac hidden under the workbench attached to 20 feet of flexible hose that is connected to any of the various machines. Cover-ups from clear plastic bedding bags and patio furniture and gas grill covers take care of keeping motors protected and cast iron tables rust free.

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