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After many months of contemplation, design, material search and delivery, the project has begun. It had been over 3 years since I have engaged in a large woodworking project and this project is by far..... LARGE!!!  There is lots of everything:, drawing, sheet goods, face frames, completed boxes, drawer fronts, drawer slides, knobs, finishing. But, I am excited to be using some of the latest material. Particularly pre-finished birch hardwood plywood for the case work. Finished on the inside only, I am really pleased at how nice and durable (even through the machining and assembly process) the finish is. Movement of the material after it was ripped has remained at a minimum; another good reason to invest $15 per sheet more.

On the next page are several “before” pictures of the current kitchen. And while many people might think it does not need remodeling, I am convinced the builder paid the cabinet shop extra to build the cheapest cabinets I have ever seen. I would be embarrassed to put my name on that work even as a hobbyist, let alone a paid professional.

I hate to replace 7 year old appliances that work fine, but they just won’t fit into the Arts and Crafts cabinets featuring quarter sawn white oak frame and flat panel doors and face frames. A cabinet depth fridge with the ability to install wood panels and a more fashionable built-in oven and drop in cook top will look perfect. Large format black granite tile counters with tinted epoxy grout should tie in nicely with the Stickley style.


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