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Dennis Slabaugh has been woodworking as a hobbyist for 20 years. His professional work as a Risk Management Consultant with 33 years experience has also been highly regarded With an extensive self-taught background in electronics and general mechanical knowledge, Dennis developed his skill and experience in woodworking on the same basis. His "Harvard School of Woodworking" has been his voracious consumption of hundreds of woodworking magazines and dozens of woodworking books made possible by the extensive collection of his local bookstore. 

His design style has concentrated primarily on the Arts and Crafts period from 1900 to 1930 employing the simple rectilinear lines and solid, functional construction of that philosophy. Exposed joinery and gentle curved accents allow the hobbyist woodworker the opportunity to build practical projects with the confidence that complicated curves and joints will not interfere with the process. 

By utilizing a wide variety of techniques developed from the extensive review of hundreds of projects, he has been able to take seemingly difficult projects to the level which most hobbyists can relate to. These techniques range from simple measuring processes to the final finish techniques. By following simple, but rational guidelines, the hobbyist can obtain beautiful, functional, and satisfying results. 

Dennis' portfolio includes Shaker Wall Clocks, Stickley Book Cases and End Tables, practical Children's Toys, Decorative Boxes, Queen Anne Chairs, Murphy Bed Wall Systems, Architectural Interior Fixtures, Lathe Turned Wood Barrel Pens and Pencils, Letter Openers, and dozens and dozens of small craft and gift items. His use of hardwood plywood as a realistic component on solid wood projects is well adapted to the hobbyists' needs. Various jigs, and shop set-ups are equally practical as well. His work has been published by the Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Woodworking, http://www.taunton.com/store/pages/070252.asp

and Reader’s Digest Books (formerly Rodale Press Books). 

He has been successful in outfitting a hobbyists' shop in a unique and functional way as well. This combination of shop set-up and realistic construction / design techniques are just what the hobbyist woodworker needs to enjoy and grow in their craft.He is able to share this valuable information in an easy to follow format. 


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