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Danielle's Jewel Case

Danielle's Jewel Case

"Danielle's Jewel Case"

 copyright © 1996 by Dennis Slabaugh
The  jewelry box was constructed of  mahogany flooring that had been stored in a warehouse for about 40 years. It aged to a wonderful patina, though it had never been used. I ripped the tongue and groove edges off and ran the boards through the planer. Having narrow boards to work with after glue up, I decided to add the oak inlay strips to hide the joints of the narrow boards. From that point, I decided to add the oak end strips to cover-up the simple butt joints that marry the sides, top and bottom.

After deciding on the box size, I cross cut the boards to the correct length. I laid out the dados and cut both sides ganged together. I decided to put plywood dust panels in the web frames that separate the drawers. I plowed a groove down the middle of my webframe stock to accommodate the plywood panels. I milled 1/4"tenons on the two stiles for each frame and glued the panels in place and clamped them. I let them dry for several hours. The pulls are made from left over inlay stock that I ripped on the band saw to the right size. I added threaded inserts ( brass cap nuts) and epoxied them in place. Screws were used to hold them to the drawer.  Remember that the inside wall of the box is shorter than the two side pieces, since it is on the inside.

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