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Original Design Craftsman End Table

Original Design Craftsman End Table

Copyright 1996, Dennis Slabaugh

The entire project is constructed of quarter sawn white oak. The top is made from glued-up stock to minimize wood movement. The top is attached to the upper filler-rails (which are screwed and glued to the sides) through elongated holes to prevent wood movement splitting. All of the joinery is mortise and tenon with the bottom stretchers having through tenons in the front. They are pinned with dowels. The bottom shelf has been attached with biscuits. Be sure to orient the glued-up shelf with the grain in the same direction as the stretchers.

The drawer is cut to fit in the opening and rides in wooden side runners and filler strips. The slats are resawn from full thickness stock and cleaned up on the planer or sander. The corbels are purely decorative and are glued on a pinned with brass brads. You can use solid stock for the legs, or glue-up 4/4 material as I did.

The copper pull was created with some 1/8in flat stock, 1/4 in rod for the ring, and the ring holder is 3/8" bar stock. The ring holder has a brass machine screw soldered to the back. The screw passes through the plate in a counter-sunk hole, passing through the drawer front and fastened with a washer and nut.

The stain is minwax provincial stain with three coats of satin polyurethane and rubbed out with wax and 1200 grit paper.. If I constructed the table today, I would use orange shellac with a final rub out with wax and fine synthetic wool pads. This would give a more traditional finish.

 © 1997 - Dennis Slabaugh, Hobbyist Woodworker

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