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First Large Scale Project: Home Office Wallbed

First Large Scale Project: Home Office Wallbed

Home Office - Wall Bed System"
The "Home Office Wall Bed System" is the ultimate compact work station which combines  space for the computer, printer, keyboard, books, and two legal size file drawers. Add to this multi-purpose built-in a full size bed with conventional box spring and mattress and you have functional convenience. Office by day, bedroom by night, exercise room in-between !

The overall design of the project was driven by several factors: First, the room space was the starting point for the overall dimensions of the unit.  (12 feet wide )When the design evolved on paper, it became a matter of adjusting the proportions of the three main components; the bed, the desk unit and the remaining bookshelf space. Most of the wall bed hardware available (see sources) require specific design requirements. The depth of the unit needs to conform to the depth of the bed hardware. My hardware allowed for a maximum depth  to be no more than 22"  and no less than 18 5/8". Purchase the bed hardware first before you begin the design process. ( The hardware used is from Sico- http://www.sico-wallbeds.com/ )

The remaining design considerations were a combination of form following function and material and construction techniques. The components needed to provide the space to house an average computer system and book collection, and legal size file drawers. The adjustable shelves solved the needs of book storage, and using a stand-alone computer desk as a guide, the computer storage areas were designed. I have a very strong attraction to the simple rectilinear lines and functionality of the Arts and Crafts period furniture. As a result, the use of frame and panel construction became a dominant factor in my design. Coupled with the ease of construction and the type of tools and equipment in my hobbyist shop, building the unit was pretty straight forward. As is usually the case with built-in type furniture, moving the pieces from the shop into the room where they will be installed must also be factored in. I was just able to get through the doorway with the upper and lower computer desk unit with less than an inch to spare. Keep this in mind when building any large project such as this.

 This was my first large scale project after about 2 years experience in hobby woodworking. It took approximately 200 hours to complete. It is constructed of 3/4"birch plywood  with birch hardwood face frames. Full extension slides are used for the printer carrier and the file drawers. The office unit is finished with white tinted water based poly urethane.
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